nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement



From over 7,000 concepts across 56 nations, the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD honors innovative ideas by promising young designers. The competition provides a much deserved platform to recognize ideas from up-and-coming visionaries who are destined to improve our world. The 2023 winners vary in their concepts, from systems of earthquake rescue to wearable ventilation. 


An expert jury panel of international leaders in the field of design shortlisted 300 projects, before evaluating 76 concepts to be honored at the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARDS ceremony, held in Istanbul, Turkey. The submissions were evaluated according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. The jury were seeking how the concepts respond to certain questions: does it solve a problem, does it reflect or promote high moral-ethic standards, does it make economic sense, and more.


Along with recognition for the honored concepts, the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 provides the nine winners with funding to assist in developing the concepts further. The total amount in prize money awarded to student projects is 50,000 euro.


See the nine iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners below, and the full list of 76 honors – here.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
Hemi by Natalia Ikebara

all images courtesy of iF DESIGN AWARD





SDG: Goodhealth + Well-Being

Design: Natalia Ikebara

University: Umeå Institute of Design – Umeå Uni, Sweden

Prize Money: 7500 Euro

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood. Hemiplegia is where half of the body has difficulty with voluntary movement and is the most common effect of CP. Hemi is a hybrid toy that motivates children with arm-hand motor disabilities to continue exercising at home as a complement to the child’s regular therapy sessions. It consists of physical controllers and a digital platform with therapeutic games. By playing different digital games, kids can improve their hand motor skills.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
SerinaORB by Gabriela Marante





SDG: Goodhealth + Well-Being

Design: Gabriela Marante

University: IED Madrid, Spain

Prize Money: 7500 Euro

Patients suffering from terminal and advanced diseases often suffer emotional distress and trauma when hospitalized in ICU units. Most clinics and hospitals follow emotionless design approaches that do not provide consolation or comfort, especially in delicate moments such as the approach of death. SERINA ORB is an immersion program based on an experiential system of virtual therapy and meditation. It aims to bring beauty and calm to a moment of uncertainty and pain, to help develop a new culture and set of rituals in relation to death, and to promote an environment of well-being upon its arrival.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
Combined Band Aid Vaccine by Xiangchao Zeng and Xiaotong Zhang



Combined Band Aid Vaccine


SDG: Goodhealth + Well-Being

Design: Xiangchao Zeng, Xiaotong Zhang

University: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

Prize Money: 7500 Euro

This innovative vaccine delivery concept allows users to inject vaccines into their own arms in two easy steps. After sterilization, the band-aid plaster is attached to the arm and the vaccine is administered via a water-soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) microneedle. This concept has multiple advantages over conventional syringe-based injection: it is convenient, painless, hygienic, and very easy to self-administer. It also reduces the risk of infection due to unsterile needles and greatly reduces costs related to transport, storage, and administration.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
MUSE – Sex education & Women by Célia Marchessaux





SDG: Quality Education

Design: Célia Marchessaux

University: Royal College of Art, Great Britain

Prize Money: 7500 Euro

Growing up in male-centric societies can often leave girls and women feeling isolated when it comes to body awareness and sex education. Essential conversations are often not addressed within the family, and not thoroughly taught at school. MUSE is a collection of tools that addresses two important aspects of a woman’s journey through life: sex education and gynecological appointments. It aims to shape a new generation that feels differently, challenges oppressive perspectives, and has a healthier relationship with their bodies and sexuality. The first kit helps young girls to become informed and empowered while the second tackles women’s healthcare.


Lunet by David Edquilang





SDG: Quality Education

Design: David Edquilang

University: University of Houston, USA

Prize Money: 4000 Euro

Hundreds of thousands of people experience finger amputations every year. Currently, there are very few available prostheses that restore the functionality of amputated fingers. Most are very expensive, costing about 3,000 dollars per finger, an unaffordable price for the vast majority of people. Lunet is a fully 3D-printed mechanical finger prosthesis that requires no metal fasteners to assemble. It features a unique, robust mechanism to actuate the fingers. It can be quickly and affordably produced, making it accessible for all amputees.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
zel.zl by Taha Yiğit Bekiroğlu





SDG: Industry, Innovation + Infrastructure

Design: Taha Yiğit Bekiroğlu

University: İstanbul Technical University, Turkey

Prize Money: 4000 Euro

One of the biggest problems following earthquakes is knowing how many people are buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings. If all members of a family are trapped and cannot communicate with the outside world, it is possible that no one will know that they are there and rescuers may call off their search. zel.zl is an infrared counting device located at building entrances. When an earthquake occurs zel.zl notifies the people in the building via a message sent to an app. When rescuers arrive, they immediately know how many people are still trapped under the rubble.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
Oh my guard-App by Jiayi HAN, Yuhang QIU, Yixin SHI



Oh my guard-App


SDG: Reduced Inequalities

Design: Jiayi HAN, Yuhang QIU, Yixin SHI

University: Dalian University of Technology, China

Prize Money: 4000 Euro

Many children with prominent birthmarks have experienced ridicule from their peers, which can be harmful to their mental and emotional health. This app gives birthmarks an anthropomorphic image, styled as the guardian spirit of the child. It helps children who feel ashamed of their birthmarks to associate their birthmark with empowering activities: fighting monsters, sharing knowledge, and creating cool selfie stickers. The app helps children come to terms with their birthmarks while guiding other children to treat those with birthmarks with respect.


Mashav by Ofri Shapira





SDG: Climate Action

Design: Ofri Shapira

University: HIT – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Prize Money: 4000 Euro

Mashav is a wearable ventilation system that provides comfortable, breathable protection in hot conditions. Its structure is based on the “chimney effect”, which allows air to circulate within the garment, and it also includes a solar ventilation system in its upper part to enhance airflow to the neck and head. Mashav is inspired by the traditional “Galabiya” dress, worn by Bedouin people in the desert, and aims to combine traditional clothing and modern design. Mashav addresses the growing need for protective clothing as temperatures rise due to the climate crisis and offers a unique solution with its hybrid approach to ventilation.

nine innovative iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 winners lead global improvement
Market Anymore by Lee Seoyoung





SDG: Climate Action

Design: Lee Seoyoung

University: Ewha Womans University Republic of Korea

Prize Money: 4000 Euro

Market Anymore is a campaign that communicates the urgency of the climate crisis in a clever and humorous way to people who feel fatigued by environmental issues. It makes the crisis more tangible by linking it to things we take for granted, like coffee, oranges and blue skies, instead of vague future threats such as drought and pollution. Instead of the expiration date, the product label states the expected extinction date and says goodbye to everyday objects. Market Anymore evinces an attitude that recognizes reality but exudes positive energy through intuitive and casual humor.



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organizer: iF DESIGN AWARD

event date: 22 June 2023

event location: Arter Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

event sponsors: Karaca | Samsung Electronics | Grohe | Wonderland | Compal Electronics | Three Winged Bird | NetDragon


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